UNBOXING: Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox – JULY Subscription Box

I know, I know. It’s been four months since I received this book and 1 month since this entry has been sitting on my drafts. I’d still like to welcome you guys to my long overdue subscription box HONEST review. This won’t be very pleasant but I just have to say this. Continue reading

UNBOXING: Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox – May Subscription Box


Hello everyone! I know it’s not May anymore, I apologize for posting this review weeks later but it’s summer so I had a lot of spontaneous vacation but anyway here is the second subscription box I ever purchased (If you want to know more about the first time I ordered from a sub box just click here). This is owned by Mr. Pouts and Ms. Fluffs, another Filipino subscription box. They just recently opened, and this May was their first release and I’m so happy that I got to be part of the first batch! I had so much expectation from them and if it met my expectations, you’ll know that..so just read on! Continue reading