38th Manila International Book Fair 2017 + BOOK HAUL

Hey there! Last September 14, my friends and I went to Manila for the weekend to have some fun but the main agenda why we decided to be like the brats that we are is the #MIBF2017. Since early July this year, we kept on reading promotions about the event and we were so excited because this is the first time we’re travelling with friends alone (no parents!). Continue reading “38th Manila International Book Fair 2017 + BOOK HAUL”



There’s a new Cafe in town that’s perfect for bibliophiles! It just recently opened in Cebu, PH and I went there late June (I don’t know why I still bother to write this post when I’m pretty sure most of you have already heard about this place but in my defense this post has been sitting on my backlogs for months now. I can’t just let this go *haha*). The place is actually near National Book Store which make it more perfect and fitting for us readers right? But here’s another treat from them, they have shelves and shelves of books that you could borrow while you’re chilling at the cafe! *slow clap* amazing right? Curious, aren’t you? Check out the few shots I was able to take during my visit πŸ™‚Β  Continue reading “BOOKS AND BREWS CAFE”

UNBOXING: Love and Gravity Giveaway Prize

This post has been pending for soooooo long, I am ashamed of myself! I just found this on my Drafts and realized how lazy I am for postponing to post this. I just have to do this since it’s been 9 months since I received this package and was so over the moon!Β  Continue reading “UNBOXING: Love and Gravity Giveaway Prize”

Book Haul: APRIL, MAY and JUNE

Continue reading “Book Haul: APRIL, MAY and JUNE”

WELCOME, 2017!

It’s a chance for us all to start something new again so I’m gonna grab this opportunity to correct my wrong doings a.k.a. laziness of last year and do actual things and not just plan them ahead of time. I’m not just gonna bury all my mistakes last year, I’m gonna change them. Here is my new year’s resolution for 2017 Continue reading “WELCOME, 2017!”