What if I took the other way?

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UNBOXING: Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox – JULY Subscription Box

I know, I know. It’s been four months since I received this book and 1 month since this entry has been sitting on my drafts. I’d still like to welcome you guys to my long overdue subscription box HONEST review. This won’t be very pleasant but I just have to say this. Continue reading “UNBOXING: Pouts and Fluffs Lootbox – JULY Subscription Box”

Monthly Wrap-Up: OCTOBER 2017


I don’t know if you could tell but I am irrevocably happy on my reading progress this month!!!!! (the exclamation marks says it all). This is probably nothing for some of you but it is a big deal for me because it’s been months since I last read eight books in one month. I am actually working on the last one right now while I’m writing this so hopefully I would be able to finish this book I’m reading so I could include it on my October Reads to make it 9 books. Continue reading “Monthly Wrap-Up: OCTOBER 2017”