July 31, 2017

I’m mad at myself because I’m running out of reasons to miss you.

I hope that I’ve loved you enough.

I hope that the times a smile painted my face when I think of you and the tears I’ve shed for you were enough to express just how much I loved you.

I hope that the notes and photos I kept are enough reminder that once upon a time we shared a happy ever after.

I hope that all those sleepless nights and unanswered letters will remind you that you were never someone I could easily let go.

I hope that all these years I chose to spend my time saying goodbye to you were enough to let you know that it was great, and I could’ve lived on those forever..

but I won’t. And it’s time to fully let you go now. Please don’t think I’ve abandoned you somehow, I just have be brave enough to admit to myself that it’s over. Really over. It’s been over for awhile now, and I’m sorry that I couldn’t live with my promise. It’s my turn to accept defeat, that I cannot love you as much as I wanted to, that I broke my promise that I’ll patiently wait. The truth is that I’m not waiting for you any longer, I’ve been waiting for someone else.

So please, if this is my last letter for you, forgive me.

Forgive me because I never thought I’d be ready to offer my love again, but not to you. Forgive me because when I look at someone else, I stopped looking for you there. Forgive me because I only think of you when I wanted to feel something and then found nothing there.

Forgive me for this is where I leave you, behind your back, among these words, beneath this dry eyes and with this silent lips. I hope this is enough.



Monthly Wrap-Up: MAY and JUNE 2017

Hello Readers! I haven’t been posting book reviews because I was living a Hannah Montana life *haha* I’ll try to make a different post about that soon. Anyway, I decided to make a wrap-up for the last two months since most of the readings I did was a reread. I will be posting reviews soon of the books listed below because there were two books that intensely stirred some emotions that I didn’t know possible. Continue reading