If He Stay

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Before I fall this Summer

I think I like you and I’m starting to care for you, in fact I feel like you noticed it too. I’m scared maybe because I don’t know if you feel the same way or just fooling around or maybe I’m scared that I lose this newly formed friendship we have that’s still starting to bloom. There were times that we locked eyes and in that brief moment I felt like the time was frozen and we have this unspoken messages and unknown connection. I’m scared that this might be a one sided love story, that it means nothing to you. I’m scared that I just misunderstood your actions because my thoughts were clouded with my confusing feelings for you. Well, whatever this is I’m feeling I’ll just lock this inside a drawer and keep it there for awhile and we’ll see what happens.

After all, you were the one who told me to “live in the moment”.